Monday, June 13, 2011


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We are Bloggers My name is Nour el saied , i am 19 and i am from egypt , me and my cousin Housam shehata made a lot of articles on this blog
I may  not be  techy as my cousin housam but i can do some Hacks for ipod and iphone , i take care of the graphics of the blog  because i am a graphic designer , and i sometimes post , but the best articles are by Housam check them out in the tabs archive , Thats all for now , lol 

Jailbreak ipod touch 2g the mc model

This post is to tell you how to jailbreak your ipod touch the 2g untheatherd which means you dont have to jailbreak everytime you restart the ipod (the mc model) 

1 - Download the 4.2.1 ipsw from the itunes 
2- After you download it  you can locate it in this directory (windows 7) 
* Computer/local disk (C:)/ Users / user/ Appdata / roaming / Apple computer / iTunes / ipod software updates
3- you will need snowbreez 2.2 , download it from here (Click here)
4- After you download it follow the simple steps as follow

1 - copy the ipsw (ipod software) anywhere (back up it just in case)
2 - open snowbreez   

3- follow steps in this vedio