Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5 Icon column

5 Icon column

What you need: MobileSubstrate-Cydia, MobileTerminal-Cydia, Erica's Utilities-Cydia and Ruby-Cydia

You also need to download this:

SSH fcsb-054.deb into private/var/mobile.
Open MobileTerminal
Now type in the following code:

su root
dpkg -i fcsb-054.deb

Now respring and you have 5 icons in each column! Simple as that!
It's still kinda buggy so there is some issues, such as the icons dont wiggle when you hold them down, but still it is very useful and looks very cool in my opinion.

**Update** issues with wiggling have been fixed as well as some bugs. Update is available after download.

Note: For those who like this theme and are wondering what it's called, go to rock or cydia and search for gradiance v3.


  1. what about the font used in the theme? does it comes with the theme?

  2. and how do u get it back? does it appears in winterboard?