Monday, April 26, 2010

SB Rotator

this tweak will enable SpringBoard to rotate according to the device’s orientation! It does not rotate only the icons, it rotates the whole user interface!

to install
you will need
1.diskaid and you can get it form here

2."Mobile terminal" and you can find it in cydia/rock
3. the deb file

then open diskaid and connect your ipod/iphone to the pc and then select root folder and scroll down till you find "tmp" file

and then you will take the "sb rotator.deb" file and paste it the tmp file

and then open mobile terminal and type the following commands1

1) enter: su
2) enter: alpine
3) dpkg -i /tmp/"enter here the name of the deb file you downloaded"
4) delete the deb file
5) reboot/respring
and your done..!

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