Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hacking your nokia with helloox..!

This will show you how to hack your nokia Symbian v60. First download X-plore from here and download helloox from here This is the program which will perform the hack! next go to this link
and create a new account (it wont take a min) and select apply cer
and then write your phone model and serial number in the IMEI (type *#06)and wait 12 hours (not very sure about the time to wait people have reported that it only took 6 hours) and then login.

You will find your certificate and key ready for download. Then you will need to download your cer file and key.
Next you will need to download this :
s/301594635/Assinar.rar.html. this is the signing program. locate hellox sis/sisx file and the certificate/key files to sign the program. you will also have to download and sign it. without it you cannot run hellox. After you have signed everything the easiest part comes. copy hellox, map drives to your phone and intstall them, but DONT run them! yetfirstly run mapdrives. the screen will flicker then do nothing. now run hellox and it will perform everything by itself. if it hung , cancel the installation, restart the phone and try again. if it happend again then follow the following steps follow all steps except, download hellox from here sign it with assinar.hen copy it over to your phone and install it. run it. then it shoud do everything. you do not need map drives for this method as it is integrated into hellox 2.02 if you still cant install it because it hangs then your firmware is too new.

Note: i am not liable for any damage caused by your actions and do not intend to rip off Nokia in any way! We just informing you that there is a hack for your phone. this hack has been succesuly performed on symbian v60 which includes Nseries nokia and Eseries as well as navigator. if you're not too sure google it to see if your phone is compatible before you do anything! thankyou.

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