Saturday, January 16, 2010

Streaming your media from anywhere at any time!

OrbLive gives you immediate, anytime access to ALL your media. No sync-ing or uploading favorites. In fact, you can forget about your iTunes library.

OrbLive uses the network to beam media from your home PC*. And Orb has optimized the transmission so it’s great over 3G, WIFI, or Edge.

Imagine all your music, videos, photos – even live TV if you have a tuner card – in the palm of your hand. Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into an on-demand media center.

Devices that support this include:

-Xbox(XBMC) -Xbox 360 -Playstaion 3/Psp -Symbian 60 devices -iPod touch/iPhone -Nintendo Wii

To setup orb, all you have to do is register on the website: and you will be prompted to download orb. The orb that you download for PC is the server, you still need to download the application to run on your device. A little bit of googleing around will give you an answer. Simply type in your account details and you should be able to view your media. Also you can setup your webcam so that you can view it while you are away from home.

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