Friday, January 15, 2010

Xbox 360 Flashing

Hi there, i will be posting a tutorial that I wrote on how to flash your xbox 360. Although its not updated much, it still follows the same concept of flashing. there are currently many firmwares which include stealth and non stealth. non stealth are called xtreme and stealth is called Ixtreme.I am only familiar with the stealth version as i never needed to work with the xtreme version.(Ixtreme is better of xbox live) Ixtreme 1.0 Ixtreme 1.2 Ixtreme 1.3 Ixtreme 1.4 Ixtreme 1.41 Ixtreme 1.5 Ixtreme 1.51 Ixtreme 1.6 Ixtreme 1.61(newest). microsoft are constantly upgrading their video wave partitions to prevent modders from playing the newest games. the newest wave is going to be released on november 10th 2009 and that is wave 4. The only firmwares which can play them are ixtreme 1.51 and Ixtreme 1.61 as they dont have much security checks. however, 1.7 is due every soon.

Firstly you need to disassemble you xbox. If you dont know how to do that you can have a look here :
ch?v=qnYETi73Vbs. Please bear in mind that this does void the warranty as it is against Microsoft's terms and conditions and i'm not liable for anything that you do!

i have written a guide which is located Here.http://www.devilsps3.cente

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